In his new book titled, The Part-Timer Primer™: a Teen’s Guide to Surviving the Hiring Process and Landing Your First Job, small business owner Darrell Doepke uses real-world true stories to explain in great detail what teens should expect during the application and interview process– and how to prepare for it. He describes the process of elimination that happens long before a first-time job hunter ever gets to a face-to-face interview.

“It’s a weeding-out process, and they need to know how to survive it,” says Doepke.

His perspective as a business owner provides valuable and essential guidance that can easily be overlooked or, as is often the case, simply taken for granted.

“How does a 16 or 17-year old prepare for a hiring process they know nothing about?” Doepke asks. “Who teaches them what to expect? If a parent sits down to have ‘the job talk’ with their son or daughter, do they know all the things they need to talk about? I was a bit surprised when I couldn’t find any books that addressed such an important step in a teen’s life.”

So…he wrote one.

In an entertaining and humorous conversational style, The Part-Timer Primer™ walks the reader through the multi-step hiring process, covering such topics as finding your personal point of differentiation; job application mistakes; practicing verbal skills; social media cautions; tattoo considerations, phone and email screening techniques and much more. Doepke also offers up 20 interview questions that any first-time job hunter should be prepared to answer. His straight-up, no-nonsense advice is delivered in a positive, encouraging and inspiring style.

“It’s a quick read; less than two hours from start to finish,” explains Doepke. “For the price of a pepperoni pizza, a teen can become much better prepared to take that first leap into the working world.”


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