The Author

Darrell Doepke was born in Dearborn, Michigan but was anxious to see the world right away. For the next few decades his hometown moved from Mamaroneck, New York to Winnenden, Germany to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Chicago, Illinois to Seattle, Washington. He currently calls the Phoenix, Arizona area home.

Darrell spent the majority of his teen years hanging out at Martin Luther High School in Greendale, Wisconsin. From there he moved on to the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism. He spent most of his career in the field of marketing and advertising before taking his own flying leap into the world of self-employment.

An avid student of the principles developed by marketing gurus Jack Trout and Al Ries, Doepke came to understand the importance of “differentiation” as a key to success. To have the best chance of succeeding in an extremely competitive world, a business must position itself, not as “better” than its competition, but rather as “different” in a meaningful and relevant manner.

He owned and operated an Oil Can Henry’s oil change franchise in Renton, Washington for many years before recently selling it. Customers of Oil Can Henry’s never leave their vehicles; they stay in their car as color video cameras and monitors show them all the work being done underneath their vehicle and under the hood (that’s different). His location was perennially nominated for a Best Customer Service award through the Renton Chamber of Commerce.

Doepke currently owns and operates two Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza franchises in the Phoenix market. Papa Murphy’s does not bake its pizzas. Instead, the pizzas are made fresh in the store and wrapped for the customer to take home and bake in their own oven, so the pizzas come out piping hot and fresh every time (that’s different).

In keeping with this philosophy of differentiation, Doepke penned this book to be specifically targeted to parents of teens who are looking to land their very first part-time job. To the best of his knowledge, as of this publishing there were no other books that specifically address this important first step in a teen’s working life.

That’s different.


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